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PO BOX 3915
9962 Levin Rd NW
Silverdale, WA 98383
PHONE (360) 692-9295
ALSO (800) 977-0091
FAX (866) 804-1675

Email customerservice@ignitioninterlock.biz

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1. Why choose the Draeger XT?
2. Will the Draeger XT damage my vehicle?
3. What size is the device?
4. How does the ignition interlock work?
5. What if my vehicle stalls?
6. What if the device malfunctions?
7. What information will my service provider need for the installation?8.What is an interlock ignition device? Let Wikipedia explain.

WHY CHOOSE THE DRAEGER XT? (1) The Draeger XT® is alcohol specific and utilizes electrochemical fuel cell technology. You will NOT get false fails which could jeopardize your standing with the courts. You WILL save time, money and frustration because you will NOT have to pay for “resets” due to false fails. Devices that are not alcohol specific can give false fails from food, gas fumes, exhaust fumes, air fresheners and other environmental contaminants. (2) The Draeger device is certified to hold a calibration for 6 months assuring you of a stable calibration between appointments. Without a stable calibration you could get false fails.
NO! The Draeger XT WILL NOT shut off a vehicle’s engine or stop it abruptly in its tracks. back

WILL THE DRAEGER XT DAMAGE MY VEHICLE? NO! All installers are trained by Draeger Factory Certified Trainers. The device is temporarily mounted with Velcro—no drilling or mounting brackets. Components are hidden from view. The device does not impede the normal operation of your vehicle. back

WHAT SIZE IS THE DEVICE? The device is lightweight and compact. It fits in the palm of your hand and is about the size of a cell phone. back

HOW DOES THE IGNITION INTERLOCK WORK? Before you start your vehicle, you will blow into the mouthpiece. If the device detects a breath alcohol level below .025, you may start your vehicle. Once the vehicle is in operation, “random retests” are required. The first random retest will occur within the first 10 minutes of driving and subsequent retests may not exceed one hour. A refusal to take the test or failure of the test will result in the vehicle’s horn sounding until the driver pulls over and turns off the ignition. You may restart your vehicle as soon as you can blow a breath alcohol level below .025. back

WHAT IF MY VEHICLE STALLS? The device will allow a free “restart” within two minutes of a stall. back

WHAT IF THE DEVICE MALFUNCTIONS? All ignition interlocks are electronic devices which can malfunction. The Draeger XT is equipped with advanced, sophisticated electronics which check all components within the device at each monitoring and alerts the technician to possible problems before they occur. Therefore, the Draeger XT has a very low rate of failure. In the unlikely event of a malfunction in the field, a Draeger Certified Technician is available 24 hours a day by calling our toll free number. Most issues can be resolved over the phone. back

WHAT INFORMATION WILL MY SERVICE PROVIDER NEED FOR THE INSTALLATION? Name, address, phone, driver’s license or ID #, DOB, SS #, Court info including case number and probation officer, and your vehicle info including license plate and VIN #. To save time, fill in the Ignition Interlock Report Form pdf and click submit at the bottom of page. Your information will be recorded and a customer service representative will contact you soon to set up an appointment. back

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Here's what others are saying about AutoSafe's excellent customer service:

"Natalie was very helpful and pleasant while upholding the highest standards of professionalism. She is an excellent interface between your company and its customers. Looking forward to doing business with you."
Sincerely, Pete

"Thank you for your services to me this past year. Your representative at Rod Nelson's Auto has always been very courteous and helpful to me."
Respectfully yours, Michael

"You folks have a very helpful customer service department."
Thanks, Richard

"Thanks! By the way, the interlock wasn't that bad and your unit even worked through the very cold winter months up here and for that and your good customer service I'm grateful.”
- Chris (Bellingham, WA)

"No one likes the interlock requirement, but your dedication to those of us who have to have one makes the experience much easier to deal with.
Thanks again!”

- Rusty

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