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DRIVER The Interlock goes one step further to ensure a sober driver is behind the wheel. The intelligent camera module can detect a change in the driver of the vehicle between the initial test and driving. When a change is detected it will require a breath sample to confirm sobriety.


Fast use

The Interlock  has the fastest warm-up time in the industry. In fact, if it is above freezing, the Interlock  will be ready for use in less than 4 seconds. With an operating temperature range of -40 F to 185 F, the Interlock  will be ready to use when it is needed.

 Intuitive and Discreet

The Interlock   guides the user with easy-to-understand messages and colored LED lights. The rear-mounted mouthpiece and sleek design of the Interlock  makes the in-car breathalyzer less noticeable.


 Additional Innovations

To reduce unnecessary lockouts, the ignition interlock device is able to distinguish breath alcohol from mouth alcohol,* such as mouthwash. The  interlock also includes highly advanced bypass or tamper protection that will record any attempts in the data log for use by the monitoring agency.

*Advanced features are optional in WA & OR – check with your court to find out if they have approved it in your jurisdiction!

 Simple and Effective Ignition Interlock Device

With a simple blow-suck breath pattern and the fastest warm up time, the interlock gets you moving faster.

 Built on Proven Breathalyzer Technology

With more than 60 years of experience,  autosfe is the world leader in advanced breath alcohol measurement devices. Our ignition interlock devices are built on the proven technology of our   line of breath alcohol instruments, which are trusted in police departments worldwide. This same heritage of excellence is behind the   Interlock   : the ignition interlock, reinvented.




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